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True Intolerance: Emergency 1975

True Intolerance: Emergency 1975 (2.5 mins) by  Saraswati films   My first political short film (run time 2.5 mins) of 2019. This film shows you what real intolerance looks like. This is a small snapshot of the Congress Government's misdeeds in 1975. George Fernandes was jailed, his younger brother jailed and tortured. Snehalata Reddy was stripped and tortured in jail. To follow Saraswati films ( @mmpandit on Twitter): To view the National security blog: Go to

True Intolerance: 1984 Sikh Genocide

True Intolerance: 1984 Sikh Genocide  by Saraswati films   1984: The Sikh Genocide Political Short Film 6 of 2019: This is a continuing series, this one details the horrifying Sikh genocide of 1984 under Congress misrule. Thousands of Sikhs died, their women raped, their hair shaved under direct supervision of Congress leaders. Then we had to wait 34 years before the first high level conviction, in 2018 Dec. that of Sajjan Kumar. Modi Government delivered the first semblance of Justice in Dec 2018. My late father used to describe these scenes with tears in his eyes. I hope he is watching. To follow Saraswati films ( @mmpandit on Twitter): To view the National security blog: Go to

Has the Modi Government really turned India intolerant?

False Flag Intolerance Debates in India by Dr. Manish Pandit (@mmpandit) I am often amazed at how people who really should know better talk about the supposed “intolerance “ of the Modi Government in the last 5 years while keeping absolutely Manmohan about the vicious intolerance to Hindus and Hinduphobia which is the norm in film and cinema for the last 30 years. (It wasn’t always so but the influx of Dawood or D gang money into Bollywood around 40 years ago changed it). Lets look at the facts: Fact 1: Article 377 Article 377 was a legisalation which criminalised gay people in India. Successive Congress Governments had decades to change article 377 but did they do so? They simply did not have the guts. And how would they have the guts? Their vote banks would be affected and if its one thing which affects the Congress party, its vote bank politics. So it transpired that every other previous Government, especially successive  Congress Govts lay down flat on the floor l